Tuesday, 2 June 2015

DIY rain clouds

When I saw these on Growing a Jeweled Rose blog I knew D would have so much fun with them. Shaving foam? Water? Pipetting colours? What's not to love? And in fact those are pretty much all his favourite things to do!

How pretty are these? I love his concentration and his exclamations of "ooooo" and "wow" as the colours started to seep through, and then very excited "it's raining!!". He definitely grasped the concept of the activity :)

The next time we made multi-coloured rain, using all the different watercolours (he'd just finished using them in his star painting for Toddler Book Club) - so pretty!

We did talk about rain coming from clouds but he's still a bit little for this to be much more than something cool to look at/do. But with older children you could definitely build more of a "learning" aspect into it, with where rain comes from, why it falls etc. 


And even better this activity leads perfectly onto making shaving foam pictures - you can just scoop the foam off the top and reuse it - perfect!

Have you done any cute weather-related crafts with your kids?

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