Saturday, 6 June 2015


The current 'in thing' for lots of bloggers seems to be "keeping it real" and complaining about just how difficult and awful life is with a baby/toddler... but we all know about the tantrums and the fussy eating and the sleep refusal. I'd rather celebrate the nice bits, the bits that make me smile, the things that make the sleep deprivation worth doing ten times over. Those are the bits of D's toddlerhood that I hope I remember forever.

Here are just a few of his recent "toddlerisms" that I love :)

The way he calls his sister "Izybella"

His robot impression

How he holds his hand up and shouts "thank you!" to cars when we cross the road

The way he wears his sunglasses

His Eskimo kisses

How you *have* to give everyone in the room a kiss AND a cuddle before you leave or you'll hear wails of "daddy cuddle!!!!! Izzy kisses!!!!!" following you out of the door...

His limpet cuddles at night time when he wakes up for a drink

That any food his brother likes is instantly his favourite too

How excited he is by bubbles

When he runs into the kitchen after you shouting "Me help you! Me help you!"

How at 2 years old he knows the way from our house to Sainsburys and back again

How his stock answer to pretty much any question is "not sure". Unless the question was "would you like a snack". And then it's "yes please mummy"

The way he loves "Daddy's cheese" way more than his own

How he sneaks kisses to Iz when we're not in the room (and how excited he was last week when she kissed him back for the first time :) :) I think she was actually trying to latch onto his cheek but I'm not going to tell him that! Lol)

How much he loves to read - both with us and on his own 

That he is really into the old Disney movies - like Snow White, Cinderella (or "Cinderbella") and Sleeping Beauty. I know lots of children now grow up having never seen them but I love that he enjoys watching cartoons I watched when I was little. And how he calls all the bad/evil people naughty - "naughty queen", "naughty sisters" said in a very indignant tone

The way he says "Bless you!" to anyone who sneezes. Even if they are on the other side of the room and he has to shout :)

How he calls ice lollies "nonnies". It's just too cute to correct!


So what about your toddler? Join me in celebrating rather than moaning :)


  1. "Lello lolly" instead of "yellow lorry"; "waterlemon" instead of "watermelon" and when I pretend to cry because she won't give me a cuddle before going to bed, she says "mummy fry". So many funny and silly things! Juliette

    1. Oh so cute! D normally just laughs if I pretend to cry... clearly lacking the empathy gene ;) I'm thinking I should start writing down funny stuff they do as they change and grow up so fast!