Thursday, 25 June 2015

Spin art t-shirts

After I read this blog post by The Jersey Momma I really wanted to try making some t-shirts of our own. D loves doing spin art (you can read about how to do the normal version here) and often wanders up to me clutching the salad spinner so I knew he'd be keen :)

We followed exactly the same approach as before except we used fabric paints. These were much more "solid" than the poster paints we've used before so took much more muscle to spin them out. D gave it a good try but I had to help with the spinning to generate enough "splatter". Because of this it was harder to generate as big patterns so instead we did one circle, waited for paint to dry on fabric and then the next day did another circle with different colours over the top :)

We also used stickers in a "resist-type" method, so their initials stayed white in amongst the colours. The sticker on D's one peeled off halfway through though but I just touched up the initial with white fabric paint afterwards. If you do use stickers I'd advise peeling them off while the paint is still wet - I waited about 20 minutes after making the imprint - as if you wait til it's dry there is a risk some paint might flake off as you peel the sticker away...

I love how they turned out :)

D helping take the pictures :)
Even though the fabric paints were slightly harder work it now means I can wash the t-shirt/babygro as much as I like and I know the pattern will stay firm. I might even make them into small cushions or bags once the kids have outgrown the clothes :)


Have you done any spin art? Or decorated your own t-shirts? I'd love to hear more ideas for us to try!

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