Monday, 22 June 2015

Scribble art - a Father's Day craft

So I know I'm posting this after the event but Mr MFDS reads this blog so I couldn't post it beforehand!

Anyway so for this Father's Day D made a scribble plate. Mr MFDS loves cheese sandwiches so we thought a personalised plate was the perfect present.

D made some tape-resist decorations at Easter (read about them here) and we had the porcelain pens from our Elmer plate decorating (see here) so this combined the 2 perfectly :)

Step 1:
Put your stickers on your plate (or mug/bowl etc) in whatever pattern you want. We used some vinyl alphabet stickers to spell out "Daddy" but you could also use masking tape or regular stickers cut into the required shapes.

Step 2:
Let your toddler doodle (aka scribble) on the plate. Because we were using lots of colours D did one colour at a time - so he did one colour on one day and then we let the plate dry for 24 hours before adding the next colour

Step 3:
Slowly add more colours and encourage your toddler to make sure the area around all the stickers is well coloured in

Step 4:
Once the plate is coloured to everyone's satisfaction leave it to fully dry before removing the stickers. I found the easiest way was to pick along each edge of the sticker and slowly work towards the middle - but do whatever method works best for you, taking care not to pull any adjacent paint off with the stickers. 

Step 5:
Keep going until all the stickers are removed and you're left with your final design.

Step 6:
Bake in the oven as directed to "set" the paint

And there you go - a plate lovingly personalised by your toddler, that is dishwasher-safe :)


Did you do any crafts for Father's Day? I'd love to hear about them or if you try any tape-resist or scribble art :)

[note - there seems to be some confusion on Google as to whether you can eat off plates decorated like this or not. Some say yes, some say no. I'd say just pop a piece of paper towel or napkin over the plate to rest your food on and then you're sorted :)]

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