Thursday, 18 June 2015

(More) Taste-safe slime

So a few months ago we made edible slime (see here) and although D enjoyed playing with it, after 24 hours it wasn't as stretchy and didn't feel as nice to touch. To be honest I was also a bit wary of Iz taking a massive mouthful and then me having to clean up humongous poops for the next week... 

So when I found another edible slime recipe on FunAtHomeWithKids blog I had to try it. You can see the whole recipe and instructions here but I ended up having to tweak the amounts slightly. I'm not sure if it's because we don't use "cup" measurements in the UK and so I had to approximate, or whether cornflour is subtlely different to cornstarch? But anyway, here are the quantities I used:

30g seeds
1 box cornflour (250g)
350-400ml water

So I used more water than the original recipe said (I found with less water it was more like Oobleck and less like slime - this may be because I used slightly more cornflour during the oz-g conversion). I then made another load and coloured one red and one blue.

Stretchy red...

And stretchy blue...

Fun to squish hands into :)

Even Iz enjoyed making handprint impressions!

Other tips/observations:
- you need a LOT of food colouring to make a difference
- if you want a marbled effect add the colouring to the dough, if you want a more uniform colour add it to the water 
- store it in a Tupperware in the fridge between plays (we kept ours for 7 days)
- "refresh" it with a tablespoon of water at each play if it feels like it's dried slightly. Knead the water into the slime and it then regains some of its stretchiness (but we always found it to be most stretchy on the first day)

Transferring it between containers is always fun

Iz could also stretch it

This slime actually felt quite nice to handle, and oozed between your fingers. It wasn't too 'slimy' and comes off your hands pretty easily. 

Love watching them engrossed in the same activity :)

Fascinated by the slime

You can even make a slime beard!

And this is why it had to be taste-safe!!! Lol

This was on day 7. D sprayed a little water on it, kneeded it in and then got squidging :)

Next we're going to try the chia seed recipe :)

Disclaimer: as with any activity involving your baby, use your own judgement and common sense. I always closely supervise any sensory play and always inspect items for wear/tear carefully before each playing session. Always make sure you are confident with the safety of whatever your baby is playing with.

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  1. That looks like fabulous sensory play! I need to find somewhere that sells Elmers glue and liquid starch here in Scotland! I'm also write about how to make slime with glue please give me a feedback for this slime making recipe.