Sunday, 28 June 2015

Shaving foam towers

When I saw this idea on Happy Hooligans blog I knew we had to try it. Such a simple set-up but perfect for D.

What do you need:
Foam blocks (think ours came from Toys'R'Us)
Shaving foam

First we saw how high we could build a tower just using the foam blocks. D could do about 4 or 5 before they toppled over (not helped as we were doing it in the garden and there kept being little gusts of wind!). Next I put some shaving foam in a shallow bowl, handed him a craft stick and then the challenge was to build a much taller "cemented" tower. 

To start with he only put small dabs of foam in the middle of the blocks but after I showed him how to spread it all the way across he had great fun being a builder.

He also learnt that as the tower got taller it was easier to spread cement on the new bit you were about to add, rather than on the tower. And we talked about choosing a wide base structure to give the tower extra stability - he's pretty good with sizing (thanks to those weird chocolate egg videos on YouTube!) so was easily about to pick out the biggest bits best for the job.

He could build much taller with the foam cement (and would've gone even higher if it hadn't been windy) and was even able to pick the towers up by the top - definitely can't do that with a regular tower!!

Afterwards I filled up a plastic tub with water and he washed all the blocks clean and laid them out to dry. He probably had as much fun doing that bit too! Love how toddlers enjoy nearly everything...


Have you done any building projects? Or twists on a normal game? I'd love to hear about them :)

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