Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Edible bubble painting

Remember how you used to blow bubbles in your milk as a child? And probably got told off for doing it?! Well now you can encourage your little ones to do it, and make beautiful pictures at the same time :)

This is a super toddler-safe activity especially while they're learning how to blow consistently. You can also do it with bubble mix (post coming soon) and can make way more bubbles that way but it's not nearly as taste-safe if they accidentally suck!

What do you need?
-  Milk
-  Food colouring
-  Watercolour paper

What to do?
-  Pour some milk into small dishes or containers (I find ramekin dishes the perfect size).
-  Add a few drops of food colouring.
-  Give your child a straw and let them blow!

D really enjoyed just blowing bubbles to start with. He loved seeing different colours and watching how high the bubbles rose.

After a while we decided to make some pictures and tried a couple of different ways.

First D tried putting the paper on top of the dish of bubbles

Next I held the paper at about 80 degrees next to the dish whilst D blew bubbles. I think this method worked much better. The neon food colours were also much prettier than the regular food colourings we tried first.

D did this pic all by himself

I helped hold for this one - so pretty!

After we'd made some pictures D decided on the direction of play. I love it when he takes over the activity as I get to see his creativity :)

First he poured all the colours out one by one.

Then he tried to blow bubbles on the tray (unsuccessfully!).

How pretty is the waste product?!

Meanwhile Iz was doing semaphore in baby jail...

Next D added paper towels and watched as the different colours seeped through and spread out.

And he quickly discovered he could make handprints.

All of these added a whole extra dimension to the activity that I hadn't even thought of - just love his imagination :)

- use a thinner straw rather than the fat ones to get better bubbles
- neon food colouring gave much more vibrant colours than regular colours
- use watercolour paper as that will absorb some of the liquid and give nicer pics


We had so much fun with this very simple activity and definitely recommend it if you haven't tried it with your little ones. If you make any pictures I'd love to see them :)

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